Fijne Koningsdag !

or in english, Happy King’s Day! Today is King Willem-Alexander’s birthday and the whole country celebrates! This is actually only the 2nd King’s Day. Until last year ‘Koninginnedag’, or Queen’s Day, was celebrated on April 30th to celebrate Queen Beatrix’s birthday. As you can see, I think Meatball is the most excited about it. TheContinue reading “Fijne Koningsdag !”

Geen fiets voor Whitney

So… remember that time someone stole my bike? Can you tell where this is going? …Last Monday I’m walking home from work, minding my own business, thinking about how excited I was to go to the gym. I get to the fence in front of our apartment and something is off… THE BIKE THIEF STRUCKContinue reading “Geen fiets voor Whitney”

Can You Spot the Difference?

Yuuuppp. Someone stole my bike. Luckily, I took the cat inside first. 2 weeks. It took 2 weeks for me to be one of the 450,000 bikes stolen each year. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. They were kind enough to take 2 sets of bungee cords and my lock as well. IContinue reading “Can You Spot the Difference?”

Super Bowl Sun…..Monday?

So it’s officially Super Bowl Sunday! That means most of you back home are gearing up to watch the game, preparing various goodies and treats for the night ahead. To be honest, I’m jealous. Because of the time difference, the Super Bowl doesn’t start here until 12:30. That means if we were to stay upContinue reading “Super Bowl Sun…..Monday?”

Sinterklaas has Arrived !

Sinterklaas arrived today! He, as I’m sure you probably assumed, is the Dutch version of jolly ole’ St. Nick. The story goes something like this… Sinterklaas comes to Holland on a steam boat from Spain, and he brings with him his ‘Zwarte Pieten’ (Black Pete) helpers. Together, between his ‘intocht’ (arrival) and his birthday onContinue reading “Sinterklaas has Arrived !”

Happy Taylor Swift Day !!

Ok ok, that’s not the point of the post. Her new album did come out today, though. Which means I’m obsessing. Can’t help it and I’m not even a little sorry. Which leads me into my next piece of news. Shane is STILL in Africa. He was supposed to be home on the 20th, butContinue reading “Happy Taylor Swift Day !!”

Happy Birthday, Sissy !!

Today is my darling Sissy’s birthday! We’ve been really lucky the past few years, and have started a “sister birthday trip” tradition. Let’s recap… 2011: 21st Birthday in Boston 2012: 22nd Birthday in Pittsburgh 2013: 23rd Birthday in Nashville aka: the Totally Taylor Swift Tennessee Tour …and that brings us to this year. 2014: 24thContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Sissy !!”

I (wait for it…)

…GOT A JOB!!! You’re looking at Mucosis’ newest “General Lab & Quality Control Technician”! Mucosis is a small, fairly new company that is working to develop vaccines that can be administered through the nose, like a nasal spray, instead of your typical injection. They have one product they are working hard to get to clinicalContinue reading “I (wait for it…)”