Happy Birthday, Sissy !!

Today is my darling Sissy’s birthday!

We’ve been really lucky the past few years, and have started a “sister birthday trip” tradition. Let’s recap…

2011: 21st Birthday in Boston

2012: 22nd Birthday in Pittsburgh

2013: 23rd Birthday in Nashville

aka: the Totally Taylor Swift Tennessee Tour

…and that brings us to this year.

2014: 24th Birthday in Groningen!

Why sis! How lovely it is that you came all the way to The Netherlands for your birthday!

Naturally, I had to pick her up at the train station.

We had SUCH a delightful time! Meatball was equally as excited to see her Auntie K, and to find out that it’s her birthday

Sis and I took a little stroll through the Noorderplantsoen on the way home from the train station and met up with Shane.

Even though it was a short trip the weather was great. We were able to enjoy some coffee with a great view of the Martini Tower and casually stroll through the fish market.

Fish or no fish? What do you think Sis?

We wrapped everything up with a visit to my new work, and sis got to spend a little quality time with the best kitty everrrrrrrr (after Willie, may his kitty soul rest in peace)!

Happy Birthday, Sissy! I wish you were actually here with me!

And I would just like to point out that I think you’ve officially won the long hair contest since you’ve had your long luscious locks since at least 2011. #justsayin …not that I’m jealous or anything. I’ll still be hap hap happy to cut it for you! 😉

Love ya Sis, Mean it!




  1. Susan says:

    Aww!!! Happy Birthday Sis!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Lol this is amazing! the picture with meatball captions was great. I LOLed a lot!

  3. Clancy says:

    BWAHAHAA! That was awesome. I am totally wondering what the locals were thinking as you strolled around with Kelsey-on-a-stick!

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