The Siberian Bear

IT HAPPENED! The canals (and ponds) froze! We’ve heard rumor of this, but it hasn’t been cold enough for long enough to make it a reality. I don’t think the canals in Amsterdam have been frozen enough to skate/walk on since 2012, so I imagine it’s safe to say that for Groningen as well. But,Continue reading “The Siberian Bear”

Groningen Round-Up 3 (Plus Some Extra)

So, remember that time we went home for Christmas? …probably not, because I never actually blogged about it! (facepalm) In short: We flew home – we had Christmas with our families – we celebrated New Year’s Eve – I turned 32 (not too keen on seeing that in writing) – we saw as many friendsContinue reading “Groningen Round-Up 3 (Plus Some Extra)”

Groningen Round-Up 2

Hi blog readers! We head to Berlin in about two weeks for the Christmas markets, but I thought it might be nice to do a little round-up of what has been going on here. First off, it’s my FAVORITE time of year again! All the lights are back in city center! One positive thing aboutContinue reading “Groningen Round-Up 2”

The Best Darn Mom & Sis Trip Ever: Part 1

You know when you anticipate something for so long and then when it’s over you feel like ‘wait…how did that happen?!’ ?   That’s how this trip felt. Mom & Sis were always going to come visit but we needed to wait until the fall of 2017 (more on that later), so to think we’veContinue reading “The Best Darn Mom & Sis Trip Ever: Part 1”

New Bike, New Job !

Since this is supposed to be a blog about our life here in The Netherlands, and everything is official now, I think it’s only fitting that I take a moment to acknowledge a pretty major change in my day-to-day life here in Groningen. I am officially on bike #4. My poor poor ‘grandma bike’ –Continue reading “New Bike, New Job !”

Good Times Happen For Those Who Visit

First, I’d like to apologize to my Auntie R for my blog posting slackness. My only excuse is that the weather has been perfect. Two weekends ago (already?!), Shane and I were thrilled to host 2 new visitors, my Aunt Rebecca and her friend, Marlee! These two were at the end of ~2 week trip throughContinue reading “Good Times Happen For Those Who Visit”

Groningen Round-Up

It’s been a while, and Meatball is disappointed in us for not updating the blog lately. I mean look at her. Judging us. Not cool cat. Since the wedding, we’ve taken a little travel hiatus, so I thought I would do a round-up of the things that have been going on here in Groningen. First.Continue reading “Groningen Round-Up”

Happy 2 Year Netherversary !

Hi all! Just a quick post to say Happy 2 year Netherlands anniversary to us! This past Friday marked the occasion, and what a better way to celebrate than to do a little exploring in Groningen. My aunt and uncle, who we visited in London, were in town this weekend so we finally got aroundContinue reading “Happy 2 Year Netherversary !”