Can You Spot the Difference?

Yuuuppp. Someone stole my bike. Luckily, I took the cat inside first.

2 weeks. It took 2 weeks for me to be one of the 450,000 bikes stolen each year. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. They were kind enough to take 2 sets of bungee cords and my lock as well. I mean if I’m going to have to replace a bike I might as well throw in new accessories too, right? The only thing we can figure is that my bike was a little too flashy. White with a pink lock, hand breaks (which aren’t as common), and brand new lights made it stick out compared to the others.

So Shane and I went out today and bought our third bike in three weeks, and I think I like this one better. Elenore (my old bike) was just too big. Even though the seat was as low as it would go I could barely touch the ground, and Shane always said I looked “determined” when I was riding. aka: like a loser who can’t ride a bike. Theodore (Theo for short) seems to be a much better fit. So while I’m not crazy about having to shell out for a new one, I’m happy with the purchase. And yes, I did make Shane stand on the side of the road so I could ride by for an action shot. I know what you all are thinking…. I’m pretty impressed with my one-handed riding too!

What a handsome fellow. You’ll notice I now have two locks. One on the tire, and a chain for the fence.

On an unrelated note, cat is doing just fine. She’s back to sleeping on all of Shane’s hoodies, people watching, and begging for canned food (Thanks Mom & Marsha!). 🙂

Tot Ziens!




  1. danac2014 says:

    Can you take off the front wheel and take it inside? I see other cyclists do that, the bike is pretty useless without a front wheel! 🙂

    1. theshwits says:

      Shane says no…… I personally have no idea lol

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m commenting so that I can check the box to “notify” me for new posts.

    Anyway, How does cat like netherfood? Hope it’s not ending up on your new floor 😊

  3. Rachel says:

    Oh no! Well hopefully this’ll be the first and last time you all experience the bad end of bike-theft! I had all my wheels stolen off my car in Kentucky……so I feel your pain in your main form of transportation being taken, hah.

    1. theshwits says:

      You’re wheels?! Man…. That’s impressive.

  4. Clancy says:

    I think Theodore is a good choice. He’s very unassuming. Elanor was quite stylish. Also….It’s hysterical that you name your bikes. Just sayin…

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