Happy Taylor Swift Day !!

Ok ok, that’s not the point of the post.

Her new album did come out today, though. Which means I’m obsessing. Can’t help it and I’m not even a little sorry.

Which leads me into my next piece of news. Shane is STILL in Africa. He was supposed to be home on the 20th, but his trip has been extended twice now due to unforeseen circumstances. They didn’t have all the fish or shipping supplies they needed so it’s looking like he won’t be home until the first week of November. BUT! This actually works out in HIS favor, despite the cold showers and lack of electricity. He won’t have to listen to me talk Taylor non-stop! I think actually he would take the Taylor talk at this point, but I’m trying to be positive here. Mom had the same idea when I told her…

Moms always know what to say! 🙂 haha

So that’s why it’s been quiet on the blog! (Sorry Aunt Ann!)

So I’ve been a single lady for the past 5 weeks! I’ve been up to the normal things. I’m still going to the market on Saturday’s, and actually discovered these cupcake things ‘Luxe Koekje’ (I think). It’s just like pound cake with fondant icing, but they are so delicious! And see that coffee? Guess who ordered that TO GO in Dutch! I’ve been really working on my speaking skills, and now I can order pretty much anything in Dutch with confidence. Granted this is still pretty limited, but it’s a start! HUGE thank you to my friend, Danielle, from work for helping me with this!

Fall is definitely in full swing now. We had daylight savings time on Sunday, so this week I’m only 5 hours ahead of Mom & Dad! Its just overall a little more grey, and the days are significantly shorter.

One thing I’ve noticed here about fall is the lack of all commercial fall related things. I knew there would be no Starbucks PSL or halloween candy (oh candy corn how I miss thee!), but you can’t even find canned pumpkin! Which for me is a travesty. I’m having to learn how to make my own pumpkin puree out of a real pumpkin! (I know, I know, it’s really not hard I’m just lazy.) I also had to go on a hunt for molasses. Interestingly enough I found it at the health food store. Holland is really making my usual fall baking extravaganza a lot of work! I’ll be attempting a pumpkin pie sometime this month so I’ll report back. I also asked about Halloween since a few people have asked me if it is celebrated here in The Netherlands. Overall, the answer is no. There are some haunted houses/scary movie kind of things being advertised, but the kids don’t’ trick or treat and it doesn’t seem like costume parties are very popular.

So I’m here! Life as (almost) normal.  Just me and Cat hanging out!

(She says hi).

November should be a fun month with the arrival of Sinterklaas & Zwarte Pete on the 15th, Shane’s birthday, and Thanksgiving so hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to write about soon! 🙂

Until then, Tot Ziens!




  1. Rachel says:

    I ALMOST bought her new CD yesterday but I resisted – I just don’t know if I NEED it…………….but I’m very tempted! And I’m excited to hear how the pumpkin pie making goes!

    1. theshwits says:

      Oh. You NEED it. The deluxe version!

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