Happy Birthday, Sissy !!

Today is my darling Sissy’s birthday! We’ve been really lucky the past few years, and have started a “sister birthday trip” tradition. Let’s recap… 2011: 21st Birthday in Boston 2012: 22nd Birthday in Pittsburgh 2013: 23rd Birthday in Nashville aka: the Totally Taylor Swift Tennessee Tour …and that brings us to this year. 2014: 24thContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Sissy !!”

We’re Still Here !

Sorry for the lack of posts… things have been pretty quiet around here the past couple of weeks.      A few pieces of news though. I interviewed with a biotech company at the beginning of July, but since July/August are big vacation months I was told not to expect to hear anything until oh… now-ish.Continue reading “We’re Still Here !”

Happy 2 Monthiversary !

Hello! As of today we have officially been here two months! Half of me thinks ‘I can’t believe we’ve been here 2 months!’ and then the other half thinks ‘I can’t believe we’ve ONLY been here 2 months!’. I think it’s safe to say we’re settled, and therefore life has just been… life? I supposeContinue reading “Happy 2 Monthiversary !”

You call this a pizza?

So Whitney pointed out something to me the other day: our past two blog posts have been rather depressing; a stolen bike and a lost cat.  If you would just happen to read those two posts, you would think we are not enjoying life in Groningen. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. LifeContinue reading “You call this a pizza?”


Reeeeunitedd and it feels so gooooooood! We officially have a Nether-kitty!! …and yes. That’s her strapped to my bike. So, let it be known that if you ever decide to move out of the country, and you want to take your pet it’s a pain in the ass. And expensive. And 100% worth it. I’llContinue reading “Nether-kitty”

The first few days…

Well, it’s been a few days now and I think we have started to get the hang of the Groningen/Dutch lifestyle. To keep things a little more straightforward, I’ll just break it up into days. This may turn out to be a long post, as we have a fair amount to share. *Warning: Don’t expectContinue reading “The first few days…”