Happy 2 Monthiversary !


As of today we have officially been here two months! Half of me thinks ‘I can’t believe we’ve been here 2 months!’ and then the other half thinks ‘I can’t believe we’ve ONLY been here 2 months!’. I think it’s safe to say we’re settled, and therefore life has just been… life? I suppose is the best way to describe it. Since July is ‘vakantie’ (vacation) month there is no news on the job front, and since we’re short on disposable income until then there is nothing terribly exciting happening.Here is what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks…

1 Loving on the cat.

A lot. Shane takes a ‘hands-off’ approach while I just dive right on in for the love. I think she appreciates his way better.

2 Shane started his first round of experiments! 

Good side: He’s really excited about it, and happy to be working in the aquarium again instead of reading papers all day. Bad side: He’s been having to set up fish for trials on Sunday. Good side: He bribes me to help him with free cappuccinos and deluxe hot chocolates at work!

 3 We got our first care package!!

HUGE thank you to Kaitlin, Andrew, Mike, Michelle & Heather for the kind words and entertainment.

4 We’ve been spending some time exploring the city parks. 

There are 2 main parks, but lots of smaller ones scattered throughout. We spent the majority of one particularly hot Saturday lounging in the park and feeding the ducks.

5 We’re on the hunt for our favorite cafe. 

In Pittsburgh, Saturday mornings meant coffee with the Sufrinko’s. We’re keeping the tradition alive… just 6 hours ahead of them. So far our front-runners are De Kostery & Doppio. Not that those names really matter to anyone else reading this.

I think that about sums it up! And #sorryimnotsorry if the next couple of posts are all about cat. She’s our main form of entertainment these days.

Tot Ziens!



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