Cologne, Germany

Merry almost Christmas everyone! 

We’re on Christmas season #3 in The Netherlands (crazy right?!), and what does that mean?

 Christmas market time!! 

So far we’ve been to Munster, Valkenburg (NL),  & Dusseldorf. This year, we were off to Cologne, Germany! I was particulary excited about this one becuase I’ve been eyeballing it since we’ve been in Europe, and we dedicded to be smart this year and stay the night.

2016 was also a little different because we had a visitor! Everyone, meet Luna. She’s our self-proclaimed god dog, and we just happen to be dog-sitting this particular weekend!


The three of us hopped in the rental and three hours later ended up on Cologne, Germany!

First stop. Breadcrumbs for Luna (sorry Sarah & Barend) & glühwein for us!

We stayed in a hotel right on the Rhine river, and we were in walking distance of the really nice river walkway & four, count ’em… FOUR! Christmas markets!


In our professional Christmas Market Attendee opinion- Cologne markets are awesomeeeeee. The best so far.

So beautiful! So festive! So gezellig!


…and so committed to the theme! (lol)


One market was set in the main square next to the Cologne Cathedral. Luckily for us, it was still open so we hopped inside for a peek. We’ve come to realize that one of our favorite things about Europe are all the cathedrals. Regardless of your religious beliefs it’s practically impossible to not be impressed by them.


The next morning, the three of us headed out to the river walk, and towards the Hohenzollern Bridge. In case you were wondering, we left for this walk about 9am. Yep, 9am and the sun is barely up.

It was quite peaceful though, and a nice change of scenery. Also, it turns out the Hohenzollern Bridge is completely covered in love locks!


And that was that…Cologne market in the books!


Next up? A week from today we head to Austria for an Innsbruck city trip, and a week snowboarding!

Until then, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Tot ziens,

The Shwits & Meatball



  1. snowtoseas says:

    Great post! I was in Cologne to explore the city’s Christmas markets a few weekends ago too! They were truly beautiful and mesmerizing. Your shot capturing the stage in the cathedral market is absolutely incredible! Really impressed!

    1. theshwits says:

      Thanks so much! It was a really nice weekend. 😊

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