Groningen Round-Up

It’s been a while, and Meatball is disappointed in us for not updating the blog lately.


I mean look at her. Judging us. Not cool cat.

Since the wedding, we’ve taken a little travel hiatus, so I thought I would do a round-up of the things that have been going on here in Groningen.



I see all the beautiful fall leaves at home on Facebook and Instagram, and think ‘aw, that’s cute’. We’ve blown past fall and are into full winter mode. Wet, cold, and dark at 4:45. Plus side, the city center has all their Christmas lights up.

I WAS able to fit in a 4-mile race before winter took up permanent residence. Each year Groningen hosts the ‘4 mijl van Groningen!’ – aka: The 4 mile of Groningen (tough translation right?). A few coworkers and I ran together this year. It is actually quite a large race with over 23,000 participants! I finished in 33:32 (8:20min/mile) which I was happy with.

And of course, it’s that time of year again. The arrival of Sinterklaas! All the way from Spain with his Zwarte Pieten.


This year we were lucky and had actual SUNSHINE during the parades!

This was actually an exciting weekend. Sinterklaas came on Saturday, and then Sunday was my main squeeze’s 31st birthday! In lieu of birthday presents,  we took a day trip to Amsterdam for brunch and a few museums.

The birthday boy with his birthday omelette!

The first museum we went to was called Micropia. It’s all about….. microbes! Hah, which sounds really nerdy and but it was pretty cool. Very interactive, and makes you feel like you should immediately wash your hands – and change your toothbrush head.

After Micropia we headed to Dam square to pick up some cupcakes and noticed two things.

  1. The square was completly empty! Every time we’ve been there an event of some sort has been set up in Dam square, so you were never able to get the full effect. Not today folks!
  2. We found a Marilyn Monroe exhibit in honor of her 90th birthday! So, we gave it a  shot and it was pretty neat. Lots of her old scripts and costumes, and information about  her personal and professional life. Definitley worth the impromptu visit.

And finally, on a completely different note, they are replacing the gas lines on our street. They are currently in front of our apartment, which I rather abruptly found out about one morning on my way to work.



‘at least we have a bridge!’ – Shane

Always looking on the bright side.

We have a few trips coming up. In a few weeks we’re headed to Cologne, Germany for the Christmas market, and then over New Year’s Eve we are meeting the Sufrinkos in Innsbruck, Austria for a snowboarding adventure!

Until then, Meatball and I will be resting up.


Tot Ziens,


(p.s.- still no Croatia wedding pictures. We’re impatiently waiting!)


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  1. Betsy says:

    Thanks for your update!

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