Merry (Almost) Christmas !

I would just like to start out by saying that the city right now is just beautiful. So many lights everywhere! Each street has its own unique set. There are candles, twinkling diamonds, icicle lights, you name it. It actually makes it easier for giving directions… “Meet me on the street with the sparkling holly!” It’s also incredibly hard to get pictures that do it justice, but here are a few.

I would just like to make note that I took some of these WHILE BIKING. Considering that when we first moved here it was “white knuckle” biking everywhere we went I (despite the obvious safety risk) count this as huge progress in my skill level.

We got a baby Christmas tree from the market which Shane brought home on his bike…so I suppose that his biking skills are still ahead of mine.

And cat is obviously thrilled that its Christmas time again.

Now for the real deal. A Christmas miracle has occurred!

I got out of Groningen!

Seriously, I haven’t left the city since we moved here except to pick up the cat from the airport.

Yesterday we rented a car and drove to Münster, Germany for their Christmas Market!

We both agree that if you take away the windmills, driving through the middle of nowhere Germany looks very similar to driving through the middle of nowhere North Carolina/Virginia/Pennsylvania.

About 2 hours later we arrived to Christmas Extravaganza! First stop, Glühwein! It’s a mulled red wine that’s served warm. It’s basically Christmas in a mug, and I’ve been pretty obsessed with the ‘warm wine’ since it first showed up in the grocery store a few weeks ago.  Every Glühwein stand was packed with people, and it came with a cute souvenir mug!

Last year we went to a ‘German Style’ Christmas market in Pittsburgh, and I must say, now that I’ve seen a real one,  Pittsburgh’s was quite authentic. Lots of gifts, ornaments, and food.

Curryworst, pretzels, chocolate covered bananas & freshly smoked salmon!

We didn’t see much of Münster itself, but what we did see was very pretty. It’s definitely somewhere that could use a little more exploring.

The spoils of our market trip… sshhh don’t tell Meatball. The bowl is her Christmas present.

This will probably be the last post of the year, so until then Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tot ziens,




  1. marsha wright says:

    This all looks beautiful! It did make me cry seeing your pictures,I miss you both soooo much.Love you

  2. Betsy says:

    clicked on every picture to see up close! Just amazing. The buying possibilities are endless but with small abodes where does one put things?? No sympathy for you having to stay put and not getting out of town. Plu ease. How many days off do folks typically get for Christmas?

    1. theshwits says:

      I know there is so much to choose from ! We had to really think ok….where would we actually put this? And here everyone gets Christmas day and the day after, and then New Years day. Other than that it’s company dependent. I’m only taking those days but Shane gets Christmas day through Jan 4th.

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