Fécamp & Étretat, France

“I dunno – cliffs and sh*t?” My response when our friend, Michelle, asked what we were going to see on our road-trip through France. It’s been a long and boring summer – well, for me at least. Hence why the blog was dead as a doorknob until Shane came back from Corsica. In all honestyContinue reading “Fécamp & Étretat, France”

Corsica, France

“Are you going to blog about your trip?” “You never blog anymore.” “You’ve been home a month and a half!” “The blog is dead. It needs your contribution on account of I have nothing.” ….maybe I should write a blog post about my trip to Corsica? I spent the entire month of June on anContinue reading “Corsica, France”

Snowboarding: Jasna, Slovakia

I’m going to tell you a story about our wintersport holiday! …wintersport holiday. Can you tell we live in Holland? Since we’ve just come back from our month long adventure in Cambodia and Vietnam, we really only had two goals: snowboard & snowboard cheaply. Turns out, Eastern Europe has plenty of good snowboarding if you’reContinue reading “Snowboarding: Jasna, Slovakia”

Düsseldorf, Germany

I’m not even sure how this happened, but believe it or not, this is our 5th holiday season living in Europe! Since we have a pretty major trip coming up in less than 2 weeks (!!) we decided to stay relatively close to home for the Christmas market this year. Düsseldorf is only about 3Continue reading “Düsseldorf, Germany”

Tübingen, Germany

Hello all! I’m a little behind on sharing pictures, but Shane and I spent our 2nd anniversary weekend in the cutest German town, Tübingen. Shane ended up coming to Tübingen for some work-related things, so we decided to turn it into a long, celebratory weekend. And it was double celebratory, ya know why? SHANE SUBMITTEDContinue reading “Tübingen, Germany”

Montpellier, France

I have had a serious case of the travel bug lately. It’s holiday season here in the Netherlands (aka: vacation season, for all the Americans in the room). It starts around May, when there are a lot of public holidays, and peaks in August. People at work are literally going on their 2nd round ofContinue reading “Montpellier, France”

Keukenhof & Koningsdag

We are just rockin’ and rollin’ on our Netherlands bucket list this year! A few weeks ago, we finally made it to the renowned Keukenhof gardens! We were lucky to have some family visiting the Netherlands, so we met up in Amsterdam and headed about 30 min south to Lisse, where the gardens are located.Continue reading “Keukenhof & Koningsdag”

Livigno, Italy

Ahhh, nothing better than alpine wind blowing through your braided pigtails as you whizz down snow-covered mountains with a board strapped to your feet. Especially so, considering we almost didn’t make it on this trip. I’ll explain. We had plans to fly on Saturday around noon. The last few trips we’ve cut it pretty closeContinue reading “Livigno, Italy”