Greetings from Budapest !

And happy belated Valentine’s Day! Which is the whole reason we went for a short city break in Budapest, Hungary! Last year, we went to Prague, which happned to fall roughly on Valentine’s day. Shane and I aren’t really big gift-givers to one another, but that trip felt like a nice way to celebrate the occasion.Continue reading “Greetings from Budapest !”

Innsbruck/Ischgl, Austria

After nearly 3 years of living in Europe, we FINALLY went snowboarding in the Alps!  It’s ironic that it has taken us this long as snowboarding was one of the opportunities we were most excited about when first moving – it’s the Alps after all! Luckily, the Sufrinkos wanted to come back for another taste of Europe and so weContinue reading “Innsbruck/Ischgl, Austria”

Our Dubrovnik Wedding

Well, well well! Lookie what we have! Wedding photos!! We’ve had them for a few weeks, but we wanted to surprise the parents for Christmas. In the meantime, I’ve been dying a slow death on the inside not being able to share them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Photos byContinue reading “Our Dubrovnik Wedding”

Cologne, Germany

Merry almost Christmas everyone!  We’re on Christmas season #3 in The Netherlands (crazy right?!), and what does that mean?  Christmas market time!!  So far we’ve been to Munster, Valkenburg (NL),  & Dusseldorf. This year, we were off to Cologne, Germany! I was particulary excited about this one becuase I’ve been eyeballing it since we’ve beenContinue reading “Cologne, Germany”

It’s a Nice Day for a…Wright Wedding

in Dubrovnik, Croatia! 9 September 2016 …it kind of messes up the whole “Crosson” Europe the “Wright” way thing, but I guess we will manage. 🙂 Unfortunately, this is the only picture we have of the day so far. We’re still waiting on the professional photos. I can say, though, that the day could notContinue reading “It’s a Nice Day for a…Wright Wedding”

Groningen, Paris, & Amsterdam Too !

Guess who came to visit? If you guessed Shane’s family, then you guessed Wright! My almost in-laws and nephew (6 more weeks! – not that anyone is counting) made the trek from southwest Virginia to spend 10 days in Europe with Shane, Meatball and me. Two planes and a train ride later put them hereContinue reading “Groningen, Paris, & Amsterdam Too !”

Arolla, Switzerland

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an Evolutionary Biology Workshop in the Swiss Alps (yet another perk of living in Europe – spending the week in the Alps, no big deal…). In a nut shell, the purpose of this workshop was to aid people early in their science careers (aka me) in theContinue reading “Arolla, Switzerland”

Prague, Czech Republic

At the risk of bragging (but, I am), one the best things about living in Europe is our ability to travel with relatively little effort or cost.  Unlike in the US, where the price of most domestic flights make it nearly impossible for a weekend get-away (sure you can catch deals from time to time, butContinue reading “Prague, Czech Republic”