Lake Victoria !

Greetings from Tanzania!

I would do a Swahili greeting but I’m still working on that one. From my understanding, it is ‘habari’ which means hello/how are you? The problem is, ‘habari’ is typically followed by more specific things like how is your work, how is your family, etc. I haven’t mastered that part yet… Greetings!

I don’t have the best Internet connection here so I’m going to keep my text short and just upload some pictures (it’s better than my describing it anyways). As a quick overview: I’m two weeks into my stay and have two weeks remaining. So far, work has been going very well as I’ve been able to collect a large portion of the samples and data that I need. A typical work day consists of packing the boat full of gear and people, traveling to one of four islands, setting up an “office” on the rocks, and processing samples and fishing all day. We generally leave between 6-8am (depending on which island we go to) and then return around 5-6pm. At this point, there is usually lots of fish that need to be sorted and processed so it’s not unusual to work until 10 or 11 at night. After a quick dinner and shower, it’s off to bed to repeat the process again the next day. It may sound boring, but it has actually been quite fun. I’ve seen lots of wildlife and the scenery is amazing. Most days are very hot and sunny (I’ve gotten a nice tan), while other days are nothing but wind and rain. Regardless of the weather, we are on the lake, working as usual. Wind, waves, and rain just mean you wear a rain suit and hold on a little tighter. There have been a few days where we all got a little seasick, much to the enjoyment of our Tanzanian boat drivers. Nonetheless, it really has been fun and I’m glad I got to come.

Below are some pictures of Tafari (the research station near the house), the boat, and various pictures of the lake and islands we work on. There has been a lot more that I’d love to have a picture of but I don’t dare have my camera out when the weather is bad. I guess sunny weather makes for better pictures anyway…

The main gate to Tafari.
Office and lab space at Tafari.
The hatchery where we keep live fish. You can see the lake in the background
Our boat full of gear. The only thing missing is 6 people.
A typical “office”.
A tornado on the lake!
It takes an hour to get to one of the islands which means some extra sleep.

Until next time!




  1. danac2014 says:

    Thank you, Shane!! I love the pictures and reading about your work! It doesn’t sound boring at all, it sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to hear more! Keep taking care of yourself and get someone to take a picture with you in it!!

    With love and great wishes for a continuing successful journey!


  2. Rachel says:

    You are so adventurous! Love hearing/seeing how it’s going!

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