Our Dubrovnik Wedding

Well, well well! Lookie what we have!


Wedding photos!!

We’ve had them for a few weeks, but we wanted to surprise the parents for Christmas. In the meantime, I’ve been dying a slow death on the inside not being able to share them.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Photos by Beep Pictures.

Wedding Planning by Yes I Du.

Tot ziens,


It’s a Nice Day for a…Wright Wedding

in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

9 September 2016


…it kind of messes up the whole “Crosson” Europe the “Wright” way thing, but I guess we will manage. 🙂

Unfortunately, this is the only picture we have of the day so far. We’re still waiting on the professional photos. I can say, though, that the day could not have been more perfect.

We stayed in the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, which is a beautiful hotel about 4km (2.5mi) from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Friday morning, the day of the wedding, we woke up to a horrific view from our balcony.


We spent the morning on the hotel’s “beach” – I say “beach” becuase, at least in the parts of Dubrovnik we saw, there aren’t true beaches. To swim, you just jump off the cliff or, sometimes, you could walk into the water via stone steps or metal pool-style stairs that have been drilled into the cliff.

Mid-afternoon, I left Shane at the pool and headed to the room for hair and make-up. Once I was ready, the photographer and I left for pictures, and only then was Shane allowed to come back to the room. So, in case you were wondering, NO! He didn’t see my dress before the ceremony. ❤

The rest of the evening was perfect. There was a little bit of rain about 20 min before the ceremony started, but other than that it was a beautiful evening. We were tucked away in an overlook near the hotel, just us and the vows we wrote for one another.

After the ceremony we headed into the Old Town for pictures, which, based on the preview we were sent, will be AWESOMEEEE! We spent the next two hours canoodling through the streets of Old Town, while the crowds literally parted the ways for us (bridal superpowers!). We also got tons of cheers, high fives, and congratulations!

We ended the evening back at the hotel for dinner and drinks, and that was that! Intimate, fun, and relaxing; everything we envisioned.

The rest of our time in Dubrovnik was the Honeymoon!

In case you don’t know, the HBO TV show Game of Thrones has really put Dubrovnik on the map the past few years. It was the main filming location for all the King’s Landing scenes through seasons 2 and 3. We love GoT, so the morning of the honeymoon day 1 was spent in the Old Town doing a GoT walking tour! We used a company called Dubrovnik Walking Tours, and our tour guide worked as part of the ground crew when during filming.

Fun Fact: In season 6, only one scene in the entire season was filmed in Dubrovnik.

Which makes it even more incredible that such a huge tourism industry has been built around the show since there were only 2 seasons when the city was really being utilized for filming. There are other filming locations (as we learned) that are near Dubrovnik, but just not in the Old Town.

We hit all the major spots: Blackwater bay, The Red Keep, the stairs from the walk of shame scene. Best part, our tour was only 8 PEOPLE which may not seem like a big deal, but during tourist/cruise boat season most walking groups you see are 20+. We were more than happy with this company if there’s anyone out there considering a walking tour!

After all that walking… we needed lunch. And a beer. #notsorry


Ok fine, I wanted this picture in beceause I am ROCKIN some day 2 wedding curls! …and I actually look tan. #notsorryagain.

Anyway, next up – wall walking!


I think its safe to say this is what Dubrovnik is known for. As you would imagine for a medivial city, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by a large fortress wall (at least that’s what I would call it) and you can walk the entire perimeter of town. 

I had three main thoughts while doing this:

  2. “Mom said we will take way too many pictures of the same thing” – 5 min into walking – “Mom was right”.  (does that count as two thoughts?)
  3. This is a long walk.

Here are a handful of the ‘way too many pictures of the same thing’.

Naturally, all this wall walking makes one tired & thirsty. We needed a little pick me up, and we got one in the form of a cliff bar! Just through the city walls through barely marked doors are two bars that sit on the cliff face. The first one we went to, Buza Bar, served beer, wine & pringels. That’s it.

The view of the bars looking down from the wall.

The real entertainment comes from the beautiful view, and the crazy peole jumping off cliffs.

We ended the day taking the cable car up Mount Srdj for a fantastic view of the Old Town!


The next day was diving day. We were lucky, the hotel had a dive center connected and we took advantage!

We’re just diving along! I’m in the front, Shane in the back.

Our first dive was pretty cool because it was our first boat dive, and cave dive! We took the boat out to the island of Lokrum, which is the closest island to the Old Town. From the back side of the island we dove into a trench, and followed it through a small cave. The cave opened up into a small lake called “The Dead Sea”. We surfaced here, scared the sh*t out of the swimmers in the lake, looked around for a few minutes, then decended and went back the way we came!

We also did our first night dive which was, for me, my favorite dive of the day! We saw octapus, cuttle fish, & an eel!

The morning of our final honeymoon day was spent by the pool, but the second half we ventured above the water to the island of Lokrum. A 15 minute ferry ride later, and we were surrounded by peacocks!

We had two goals coming to Lokrum: visit the Iron Throne and swimming!

The Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones) that was used during the filming in Dubrovnik is kept on Lokrum in a small museum dedicated to the show. Best part…



Next stop, swimming!

Except by swimming I mean Shane convinced me to jump off a 500ft  20ft cliff! Just a little disclaimer – I’m not good at jumping off things. It’s not really my favorite. But when in Croatia, do as the tourists do, and jump off that cliff! We took a video of it, but we’re cheap and don’t pay for the blog subscription that allows video embedding.

Instead, please enjoy the following screenshots from said video which, I think, give the highlights.


“You ready?!” – Shane


Do I look ready?! 


Graceful jump…


…and respectable landing.


“Don’t think, just do it!” – Shane, from the safety of the water.


Pure terror face. I like to call this pose ‘air planking’. 


The most unattractive face I’ve ever made. 


I survived! ok ok so it was fun. Did I want to do it again? NOPE! 

We wrapped up Lokrum by checking out The Dead Sea and the cave we dove through, by land.

That about sums up our time in Croatia! We left feeling like we were not quite ready to go, but completely happy with our wedding and other adventures. Croatia is a country we will absolutely need to go back to!


And from there we were off! We headed back to the U.S. to Banner Elk, NC for A Shwitastic Party, which was completely different than Croatia, but equally as fantastic. More on that later though…

Tot ziens!



Well that was a whirlwind trip! Absolutely worth it, but a whirlwind none the less!

This past weekend I headed to State College, PA to see some friends get married!

…and who was waiting for me in the Pittsburgh airport? SISSY!!! 🙂

So we hopped in our rental car (yes! I still remember how to drive!) and headed to my favorite spot in the city… Mt. Washington!

Coming here really makes me miss Pittsburgh. When I’m here, in Groningen, I’m more than happy don’t get me wrong. I have nothing bad to say about The Netherlands, and I really love my job, but coming back to Pittsburgh felt like coming home. Maybe that’s because it was the first place Shane and I were really “starting out” on our own together? Regardless of the reason, it was really  nice to be back even if it was for only 18 hours.

After our detour, we headed to Brian & Alicia’s new house! We may have only been there for a half day but we really packed it in. Friday night we were off to a restaurant downtown with an awesome rooftop terrace. Saturday morning took us to my favorite breakfast place in the city, Square Cafe, and cruising through some of the old haunts. In between I got a little overdue puppy snuggling.

After breakfast, we were off to State College. Two things.

  1. Mountains DO exist! I almost forgot! It was so nice to see elevation changes greater than a bridge!
  2. My love for Sheetz has not faltered.

Car trips are the best!

The wedding was at a country club just outside of downtown State College. The wedding itself & the hotel for guests were both at the country club. This made for a really fun time since all the wedding guests were in the same place. Saturday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, with Sis as my date, and the rest of the night was spent catching up with everyone.

Sunday was Wedding Day!

…up bright and early for hair and makeup!

I know it’s kind of awkward to post pictures of my head, but I just really loved my hair. I asked her for a “braided something pretty” and she definitely delivered!

AND it survived all night dancing! Which, if you know my dancing, you know that basically means all night flopping around.

The wedding itself was beautiful. The weather was hot, but perfectly sunny and the bride and groom looked great!

I just have to share one picture the photographer took. It has a little backstory.

All day, we’ve been saving this giant bottle of champagne. Not to drink after the ceremony, but for a picture. Michelle found on Pintrest a picture where the bridal party was surrounding the bride and groom & the picture was taken right as the champagne popped. I’m sure you can imagine this. I expect she anticipated something of this nature (picture courtesy of google)…

So, that champagne is saved! After we take all the other bridal party pictures we start to get together for this last shot. Steve (the groom) is shaking up the bottle… and he gets his finger a littttttleeeee too close to the cork…. and POP! Before everyone is ready the champagnes a flowin! This is the resulting picture. (Photo taken by Philter Photography)

!! I mean, I think it’s the best. The absolute shock on Steve’s face is priceless, and the mix of emotions out of the bridesmaids who were close enough (clearly I was distraught haha). Really, I don’t think it could have been more perfect.

You know what else couldn’t have been more perfect? The selfie sticks. I know Shane ranted on these before, and I still stick to my opinion that in touristy places I want to rip them out of people’s hands, but in this case it was SO MUCH FUN! Each table got their own selfie stick and so the rest of the night everyone ran around taking tons of pictures. You ended up with ones like this….

and this…

and this…

Ok, so that last one is a nice one, but you get the point.

Oh, and don’t worry. Shane was able to make an appearance. He got to hang out with his friend Mike!


The DJ followed the bride’s rules (no slow songs & no Michael Jackson) so the rest of the night was spent dancing away with good friends…

and taking photobooth pictures of course!

So, it was crazy, hilarious, exhausting yet refreshing, and made me a little bit homesick but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything!

Congrats again Steve & Michelle! I am so happy I was able to be there!

Tot ziens,