Our Dubrovnik Wedding

Well, well well! Lookie what we have! Wedding photos!! We’ve had them for a few weeks, but we wanted to surprise the parents for Christmas. In the meantime, I’ve been dying a slow death on the inside not being able to share them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Photos byContinue reading “Our Dubrovnik Wedding”

A Shwitastic Party !

Hi Everyone! I’m finally back with part two of our wedding adventure in Banner Elk, NC at the Cornerstone Cabins. First, we’ve said it before, but we’re saying it again! HUGE thank you to my mom and sister who were the creative geniuses behind this. Shane and I said we wanted an ‘outdoor, cookout, tailgate-feel party withContinue reading “A Shwitastic Party !”

It’s a Nice Day for a…Wright Wedding

in Dubrovnik, Croatia! 9 September 2016 …it kind of messes up the whole “Crosson” Europe the “Wright” way thing, but I guess we will manage. 🙂 Unfortunately, this is the only picture we have of the day so far. We’re still waiting on the professional photos. I can say, though, that the day could notContinue reading “It’s a Nice Day for a…Wright Wedding”