Groningen Round-Up 2

Hi blog readers! We head to Berlin in about two weeks for the Christmas markets, but I thought it might be nice to do a little round-up of what has been going on here. First off, it’s my FAVORITE time of year again! All the lights are back in city center! One positive thing aboutContinue reading “Groningen Round-Up 2”

A Fangirl’s Harry Potter and Outlander Journey Through the UK

aka: The Best Darn Mom & Sis Trip: Part 2 London & Scotland!  To fully understand the importance of this trip we need to take it back a decade (omg) to 2007 when the final Harry Potter book was released. The epilogue was titled “19 Years Later” and given the age of the characters andContinue reading “A Fangirl’s Harry Potter and Outlander Journey Through the UK”

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Ya know how sometimes you need something, but you didn’t know you needed it until you have it? That was Palma de Mallorca for me. As I write this is 18°C (65°F) & raining. It’s getting dark at 9:30pm now. I’m slowly accepting the fact that The Long Night will once again be upon us.Continue reading “Palma de Mallorca, Spain”

Venice, Italy

Ahh, beautiful Venice! Last weekend we whisked off to meet some friends at the beginning of their summer holiday, and (if I do say so myself) we kicked it off pretty well! The company, the scenery, the weather, the wine… it was all fantastic. Here are a few reflections from our weekend in Italy. TheContinue reading “Venice, Italy”

Good Times Happen For Those Who Visit

First, I’d like to apologize to my Auntie R for my blog posting slackness. My only excuse is that the weather has been perfect. Two weekends ago (already?!), Shane and I were thrilled to host 2 new visitors, my Aunt Rebecca and her friend, Marlee! These two were at the end of ~2 week trip throughContinue reading “Good Times Happen For Those Who Visit”

Greetings from Budapest !

And happy belated Valentine’s Day! Which is the whole reason we went for a short city break in Budapest, Hungary! Last year, we went to Prague, which happned to fall roughly on Valentine’s day. Shane and I aren’t really big gift-givers to one another, but that trip felt like a nice way to celebrate the occasion.Continue reading “Greetings from Budapest !”

Rome, Italy !

(Ever noticed that all of our post titles end with an exclamation mark? Seems we are easily excited!) So, as Whitney alluded to in the previous post, we also visited Rome during Sufrinko Fest 2015. I guess I should first apologize for posting this by, what is now, over a week since they left. SorryContinue reading “Rome, Italy !”