Mont Saint-Michel: Normandy, France

Ah, Mont Saint-Michel, you tourist-trap beauty! 2.5 million – that’s how many come to Mont Saint-Michel per year, and we were one of them. Well, two of them I suppose. I honestly had never heard of Mont Saint-Michel until we started planning this trip, but I’m a sucker for a good castle and a greatContinue reading “Mont Saint-Michel: Normandy, France”

D-Day Landing Beaches: An American’s Guide

First, I’d like to start out by wishing us a Happy Anniversary! It was a coincidence that this trip coincided with our third wedding anniversary, andddd… this is the only picture we took together all day. Why? Well, apparently spending holidays learning about wars is our thing now: Christmas at the Vietnam War Remnants museum,Continue reading “D-Day Landing Beaches: An American’s Guide”

Fécamp & Étretat, France

“I dunno – cliffs and sh*t?” My response when our friend, Michelle, asked what we were going to see on our road-trip through France. It’s been a long and boring summer – well, for me at least. Hence why the blog was dead as a doorknob until Shane came back from Corsica. In all honestyContinue reading “Fécamp & Étretat, France”