Spring has Sprung !

I would just like to start by saying {please dont let me jinx it!} we’re heading for spring folks!

Proof you say? I took this picture at 7:15pm. It’s daylight, there is actual visible blue sky, and the wind isn’t blowing (you’ll just have to trust me on that last part). That’s spring in the north of The Netherlands!


Anyway, not much has been going on since our trip to Prague. Mostly a lot of wedding planning, which leads to a lot of budgeting, which leads to a lot of quality time with Meatball. …I don’t think she minds the extra attention.


That being said, we haaaave managed to not be completeeee hermits the past few months.

Non-hermit Activity #1: A Dog Show!

Maybe you remember the friend who has a Great Dane? He made his first blog appearance a while back when he decided Shane’s lap was a perfect place to sit. Anyway, in his free time, he likes to show off his gentlemanly side at dog shows. He happened to be participating in one here in Groningen so we went! Neither Shane nor I have ever been to a dog show, and it was great! Not only did we get to watch this handsome guy compete, but we saw some other cool dudes too.

To top it off, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was there, and in the ring right next to us! A litte backstory. Just before we found out we were moving to The Netherlands Shane and I were seriously considering getting a dog. I took a bunch… a BUNCH! of online “what type of dog is right for you quizzes” and came up with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or a ‘Toller’ for short. Online quiz = I neeeeeeeeeeded this dog! Then we moved, and that was that. Long story short, I was super excited to see them not on the internet.

Tooooooo cuteeeeee! Maybe one day.

Non-hermit Activity #2: Nerd Night!

So, back in February, it was announed that gravitational waves were detected for the first time ever. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here is an article about it. I would attempt to explain it, but let’s be real I’ll do a terrible job.

Back to Nerd Night. I am engaged to a closet physics and space lover. That sounds weird, but he just finished reading Stephen Hawking so I think you get my point. He found out that David Reitze, the director for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) which made the discovery, was speaking at the university.

Bribed with free coffee and a pack of gummy bears, we ventured out on a THURSDAY NIGHT to see the seminar, and I must say, I am THOUROUGHLY glad I am engaged to a nerd! I can’t really begin to explain the lecture. I can say that he was very inspiring, as he is someone who is clearly so passionate about his work. He did an excellent job at presenting a topic that generally pretty mind blowing (at least for me) and putting it in such a way I actually understood and enjoyed my time there!


Non-hermit Activity #3: Jumbo Kitty

Ok, so this isn’t an activity at all, but there is a kitty who just hangs out at the grocery store (Jumbo). He’s too darn cute to pass up. He just sits there in his produce boxes waiting for the pets and for all the suckers to go in, buy cat treats, and feed him on the way out.


Non-hermit Activity #4: Suprise, America! 

I went home for Easter! Ok, I really went home for a work trip to Baltimore, but they were kind enough to let me do a stopover at home for the Easter holiday. 2 surprise days at home are better than none! And yes, we still get Easter baskets.

I packed a lot into those few days home. Did a little wedding dress shopping, saw Sissy’s new apartment, & got some quality front porch time. Ironically, it was cold and rainy at home. Shane reported “beautiful” weather… sunshine and 65F (18C) degrees.

The Monday after Easter, I headed up to Baltimore for work & I was able to see Vanessa since I missed her at Christmas, and finally meet Solomon!

So, that’s life right now! We’re heading to London in about a month & counting down the days!

Until then, tot ziens!



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  1. Betsy says:

    Thanks for your update! Great as usual!

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