Our Stuff is Here


It’s only slightly embarrassing that we shipped an entire box dedicated to the cat.

Now it’s time for the obligatory apartment pictures.

Annddddd…. yep. That’s our apartment in three pictures (minus the bathroom, but who really wants to see that)! For Dutch standards, we have a large apartment at about 700 square feet, and we really lucked out with the kitchen. It seems that most kitchens (in our price range) are a stovetop/sink/single cabinet kind of deal with a dorm room sized refrigerator. Ours isn’t full sized to American standards, but big enough to hold a week worth of groceries and a gallon of kombucha (fermented tea, Shane’s hobby). No dishwasher or oven, but I think we are getting used to that. We might buy a toaster oven down the road. We would also like to replace the curtains in the bedroom with something that actually blocks out the light. When sunset is around 10pm it makes going to sleep difficult…

The view from our living room windows at about 10pm.

Lucky for us, we were able to pack a few friends in our suitcase….

Tot ziens!