Video: Southeast Asia 2018/19 – Part 1

One year, six months, and thirteen days. That’s how long it’s been since I (Shane) have written a blog post.

Why such a long break? Well, mostly I blame it on writing my PhD thesis – it consumed my life for the better part of two years. But I also blame it on us buying a GoPro. A couple years ago, I filmed us snowboarding in the Alps and then later compiled the footage into a mash-up of our trip. I enjoyed this enough that it more-or-less became a thing: Whitney blogged and I made videos. Granted, this doesn’t account for countless trips/posts without a video…but that’s not the point. The videos are just a fun way to relive the trip – our own version of ‘home movies’, if you will.

So this is how it went, until another faithful snowboarding trip last year, when I managed to lose essentially every electronic device we own. No more GoPro. No more videos.

That is, until now! For those following along, you know Whitney has been chronicling our recent trip to Southeast Asia (with lots more to come!). For this trip, I once again had my (new) GoPro in hand and we did our best to film it all. Now, my task is to condense four weeks of travel into a few videos; the first of which is now complete!

Obviously, there is more to come – I still have two more weeks of travel, corresponding to 25gb of footage! I’m still figuring out my new video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro, for those interested), so the coming video(s) will (hopefully) improve. In the meantime, stay tuned for more posts from Whitney!

Until next time,



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