Tübingen, Germany

Hello all!

I’m a little behind on sharing pictures, but Shane and I spent our 2nd anniversary weekend in the cutest German town, Tübingen.

Shane ended up coming to Tübingen for some work-related things, so we decided to turn it into a long, celebratory weekend. And it was double celebratory, ya know why?


This is the face of a guy who wrote a 200+ page document and TURNED THAT SH*T IN!

This also happens to be the view from our Airbnb!

So, what’s next? The thesis goes to a reading committee that was selected by him and his boss. After about 6 weeks, he will get a notification if his thesis has been approved or not and from there he can pick a date for his public defense. More than likely, for logistical reasons, this won’t be until March. So for now, it’s waiting for approval and looking for post-doc jobs!

Anyway, back to Tübingen!

The city (relative term) is pretty small, only ~80,000 people with a student population of ~20,000. Because of the students, it didn’t really have that “small town” feel. This was probably slightly embellished by the international food and wine festival that was in town.

If it involves food and wine you know we’re there. Here is the part of the story where I proceed to document all the delicious things we ate and drank.

First up, this tiny little pastry from France (according to the flag on the table). No clue what it was called, but it was filled with Nutella so you know you can’t go wrong.

Have to follow up the sweet with a savory, right?! Here is where the meat cone comes in. You know when you’re at the fair, and you walk by the nut stand. And they have all those different types of nuts covered in cinnamon and other magical flavors. This was that but in dried meat form. A cone of various mini-dried meats! They also had a cheese version, but since I’m trying to acknowledge the fact that I am, indeed, lactose intolerant to a degree we (sadly) did not get one.

As I’m here writing this and going through pictures, I realized that it’s a good thing I’m not a food blogger on account of the fact that I ate most things and THEN thought ‘oh! I should have taken a picture!’. So – not pictured, the bratwurst, the spätzel, the pretzel, the extra meat cone (or three?)….

And don’t worry. No trip to Germany is complete without a big ‘ole beer.

Ok, so we did actually walk around the city and look at stuff while we were here too. And we checked out their bouldering gym, so it wasn’t all eating and drinking.

A punting boat on the Neckar River.
Part of Tübingen old town.
Buildings in the old town.
A tree-lined path on a small island in the Neckar River.

And a trip to Tübingen wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through the castle. Yep! The city has a castle that is now used partly for academic buildings and is home to a small museum in honor of Friedrich Miescher who discovered DNA while working at the university!

Entrance to the castle.
Views from the castle.

So, if you’re ever in the Stuttgart area it is well worth the ~45 min south for a weekend in Tübingen. We were thrilled to spend some time with elevation changes! You forget how flat the Netherlands is until you leave…

Tot ziens,



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