Oh America, how we missed you… Special Events Edition !

as promised…

Special Event #1:

We’re Engaged!!!


to be married of course!

Shane mentioned in the previous post that we spent some time back in Pittsburgh visiting friends. What he didn’t tell you was that he proposed while we were there!

It’s New Year’s Eve, and he wakes me up at 5:30am. “Get up, let’s go somewhere!”

How did he get me out the door that early with no questions asked?

The promise of coffee and that he wanted to steal a moment for just us in our old city. Logical explanation.

Why did it have to be at 5:30 in the morning?

We may or may not have had a FaceTime date with Meatball at 8am…


Anyway! Off we go, up to Mt. Washington. If you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh then you know why it would be our favorite spot in the city. The view there is incredible. Even in the dark & cold.

A little back story. We basically live our lives by the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. It’s the best. In the very first episode, Ted (the main character) steals a blue french horn for Robin as a romantic gesture for screwing up the first date, and the blue french horn remains a theme throughout the entire series.


Shane didn’t screw up any first dates, but he did give me a blue french horn the morning he proposed on top of Mt. Washington. 🙂


And my friends even threw me a mini-bachelorette party (while in North Carolina)!

December 31st was full of reasons to celebrate: New Year’s eve itself, the engagement, and my birthday!

Speaking of birthdays…

Special Event #2:

Harry Potter World!


For my 30th my parents and sis surprised me with a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!

Sis and I have only talked about wanting to go since before it opened. I don’t know how many years ago that was but it’s too damn long. But don’t worry.


(even though sis missed the ‘we’re making an exaggerated excited face’ memo)


This place is magical.

LITERALLY! (get it?!?!)

We started the day in Hogsmeade where we sipped butter beer, toured Hogwarts & checked out the shops. The Hogwarts ride is probably one of the best rides I’ve ever been on. It’s a blend of roller coaster and 3D. One minute you’re riding your broom around the castle with Harry and Ron, and the next minute you’re zooming down the track escaping a dragon! It’s fantastic.

Naturally, we couldn’t stay in Hogsmeade all day so we hopped the Hogwarts Express to head into London & Diagon Alley.


When we got there, we were in awe!

Diagon Alley did not disappoint. We saw the Daily Prophet, The Weasleys’ Wizard Weezes, Gringots, Knocturn Alley, and ate lunch at The Leaky Cauldron.

Oh, and took a few goblin selfies.

Thanks again, family, for the perfect present!


Well, I think this about sums up our American adventures!

We’re heading to Prague in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Tot ziens,



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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m soooooo happy you’re engaged. I’m a little mad at Shane for not spilling the beans when we visited! …but just a little 😉

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