Our Fall, In Review

Hey there friendly readers! I know, we’ve kept you waiting in anticipation for far too long. I apologize. (hah)

Oh, and no. That picture of the beautiful tree isn’t here. I stole it from Sis because sadly enough I didn’t get any fall foliage pictures this year. Actually, this brings me to the first item on our Fall in Review list..

1. There was lots-o-fog.


We spent about 2 weeks sitting in a cloud. This was Shane’s view heading into his building one morning. This, combined with daylight savings time really made it seem like we went from daylight to permanent darkness. Lucky for us the fog is gone. Unlucky for us sunset is at 4:45pm.

2. We escaped!

Maybe you remember our escape room experience in Amsterdam, maybe you don’t. Regardless, Groningen has two of it’s very own escape rooms! We, along with some friends from Shane’s Dutch course, escaped in the nick of time and saved the city of Groningen from a mad scientist! These rooms are so much fun! I highly recommend it.

3. The Dynamic Duo made an appearance…

…and we went to a Halloween party! Cat poop cookies included!


Our lovely host made this delectable dessert. I’m not sure anyone but her boyfriend attempted to eat it. Shane took one look at it, said it hit a little too close to home for him, and refused to try it. Guess I don’t blame him there.

We contributed some spiderweb rice krispie treats… which ended up needing a little explanation after one of the party guests ate a plastic fly.

4. Cat & I did some serious snoozin.


5. Then we traumatized her with a giant dog!

We hosted raclette night at our house for Shane’s lab. Maybe this is common knowledge, but raclette is not fondue. Go figure. But, if you love cheese it’s equally as delicious! You basically melt cheese in this cheese melting contraption, and then eat it by itself, or with potatoes, bread, or other little side items.

Shane’s new lab mate is from Switzerland, and brought back from her most recent trip home all the fixin’s for raclette! She (pictured on the right) also has a Great Dane who, as evidenced by the photos, decided he loved Shane! It was a mutual love for sure, at least between Shane & the pup. (Yes, he’s actually still just a puppy!)

Meatball on the other hand was not so excited. She hid between the pillows all night.


6. We went bowling

IMG_0456look at that form!

Who won you ask? Shane. by 5 points. I don’t wanna talk about it.

7. We celebrated Shane’s 29th Birthday… almost a year later!

Last year for his birthday, I bought him tickets to the Infoversum here in town. It’s a 3D dome educational theater that plays science related movies. The only downside; movies are in Ductch except for Wednesday nights. It’s really easy to come up with an excuse not to leave the house on a Wednesday night. Next thing ya know it’s a year later and the tickets expire in 5 days. SO! Can you guess where we went this past Wednesday? TO SPACE AND BACK! That’s where!


So, that’s basically it! Work has been pretty busy for both of us, and we’re heading home for Christmas in a little over a month so life has been pretty calm waiting for that trip.

We do have a few big things coming up. Shane turns the big 3-0, Sinterklaas is coming (!!!), and we’re heading to the south of The Netherlands for a Christmas market before we head back to the States.

Until then, tot ziens!




  1. teatimeann@gmail.com says:

    Hi! Love the blog! I’ve just spent a week in Boston and came to Raleigh yesterday for a week. Your dad is coming over Tomorrow (Sat) and will spend the night. Know he is excited about your coming in Dec! When is Shane’s birthday? Jonathan will be 40 on Nov 20!!!!!!! Abul and I are going toMunich on Dec 3 for a few days, then to Salzburg where he will be visiting prof for a few days, then to Nurenburg. I’m going to overdose on Xmas markets!! Back on Dec 14. Enjoy the Dec holidays! Love, Ann

    Sent from my iPad


    1. theshwits says:

      Shane’s birthday is also the 20th! And Dad told me you guys were getting together this weekend! We don’t have plans,so if you have some free time we should FaceTime while you’re all together! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    I panicked for a hot minute thinking I had somehow missed Shane’s birthday somehow until I got to the part where you said the tickets were getting ready to expire from LAST year. Shwew! Loved the update! Hope you all are doing well, and I’ll go ahead and say happy early bday to Shane! 🙂

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